A.   Single File: All snowmobiles operating on the city streets must travel single file, and there must be not less than a fifty foot (50') interval between two (2) or more vehicles operating on said streets.
   B.   Speed Limits: The speed limit shall not exceed ten (10) miles per hour.
   C.   Obey Traffic Laws: All vehicles operating upon the city streets must stop at all intersections and obey all applicable state, county and motor vehicle laws. (1983 Code § 10.08.020; amd. 2004 Code)
   D.   Equipment: All vehicles operated on the city streets for the limited purposes herein permitted shall have qualified and properly functioning mufflers, and must be properly lighted. (1983 Code § 10.08.030)
   E.   Valid Driver's License: All operators of snowmobiles within the city and under the terms and provisions of this chapter shall have in effect and in their possession a valid state of Idaho driver's license. (1983 Code § 10.08.040)