A.   Local Traffic Regulations: In all matters relating to traffic control not covered in the stipulations of this traffic code, the city council shall have full power to make necessary regulations governing the same. In all points of dispute as to the interpretation of the stipulations of this code, the city council's decision shall be final and binding on all parties. (1983 Code § 10.04.040)
   B.   Signs And Signals: The city council has full power to erect or cause to be erected proper signs or signals on any street or street intersection or at any railroad crossing directing the method and time of parking, the character of vehicles allowed to park or stop and directing that vehicles shall stop or slow down at designated points; or notifying the public of the locations of schools and hospitals and dangerous street intersections or crossings or of any other conditions affecting the traffic and control of same. (1983 Code § 10.04.010)