A.   Fee Schedule: A schedule of fees shall be adopted by the mayor and city council for the collection and disposal of refuse, which schedule shall be filed with the city clerk and which may be amended or altered by the mayor and city council from time to time, but which fees shall produce only an amount necessary to provide services for the collection and disposal of garbage pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. (1983 Code § 8.04.090; amd. 2004 Code)
   B.   Payment: Such fees shall be paid by the persons responsible for the same at the office of the city clerk and are due on the first of each month, and receipt of such fees must be received by the city clerk by the seventh day of each month or penalties will be assessed as outlined in title 7, chapter 5 of this code.
   C.   Applicability: Rules and regulations on fees may cover charges for services for residents and for business premises, applications for exemptions from charges and method of establishing rates for a multiple residence. Such rules and regulations shall be in accordance with state department of environmental protection and health rules and regulations. (1983 Code § 8.04.090)
   D.   Billing And Payment: All charges for the removal of refuse shall be collected by the city through the office of the city clerk, and the charges shall be payable together with the water and sewer charges assessed by the city for provision of water and sewer to the premises and will be billed together with such water and sewer bills. For failure to comply with the terms of this chapter, the city may suspend garbage service to any person or premises failing to abide by and comply with this chapter. (1983 Code § 8.04.050; amd. 2004 Code)
   E.   Owner Liable For Payment: All occupied premises including residence and business premises within the city shall be required to subscribe to and make use of the garbage collection and disposal system herein established. In the event of delinquent garbage charges under this chapter and under the schedule of rates herein authorized, the owner or proprietor of the premises shall be held liable and responsible for the amount of such delinquency whether such owner or proprietor is the actual occupant of said premises or not. (1983 Code § 8.04.060)