A.   Any person desiring to move an existing structure, excluding a manufactured home, to a location within the city limits of Harrison, from either outside of the city limits or from another location within the city limits, shall obtain the following inspections and permits prior to bringing the structure into the city limits:
      1.   Premove Inspection: The person or firm who will be the owner of the structure when it is placed on its destination site shall be the owner for the purpose of this section. The owner shall arrange for a code compliance inspection with the jurisdiction having code enforcement responsibilities at the premove location of the structure, prior to initiating the move. The results of said inspection shall be supplied by the owner to the Harrison building official. Upon receipt of the inspection report, the Harrison building official shall inform the person or the firm requesting the premove inspection what corrections will be necessary before occupancy of the relocated structure will be allowed. Said requirements may be reference to by an itemized list or by reference to the inspection report submitted by the premove jurisdiction.
      2.   Moving Permit: Permission to move the structure in question into or within the city of Harrison may be granted by the building official if the following conditions have been met satisfactorily:
         a.   An acknowledgment has been received from the owner that code compliance requirements will be met prior to occupancy of the relocated structure.
         b.   Copies of permits to use public rights of way for movement of the structures have been obtained from all public agencies having responsibility for the rights of way to be used in the move. Any bonds or surety requirements associated with the use of the public rights of way for movement of the structure shall be obtained and submitted to the transportation agency(ies) responsible for regulation of pertinent rights of way prior to issuance of the permits required herein. Harrison shall not be responsible for security of the move in any manner.
         c.   A building permit for all improvements to be installed upon the destination site shall be obtained prior to bringing the structure into the city limits. Adequate plans and accessory permits from special purpose districts serving the destination site shall be provided as same would be required for completely new construction on the destination site.
         d.   Nothing in the process of permit review for structures to be moved shall excuse the owner from his responsibility to repair any damage caused by movement of structure prior to occupancy.
         e.   Notification of moving date and route shall be made to the fire protection district(s) and all other emergency services dispatch centers before and during the move. (Ord. 427, 6-2-2009)