A.   Repeal Of Conflicting Ordinances: The legislation in this code, so far as the provisions are substantially the same as those of previously existing ordinances, must be construed as continuations thereof, and not as new enactments; any ordinances previously adopted in conflict with the ordinances set out herein are repealed, subject to the provisions of Idaho Code 50-503. (1983 Code § 1.01.010)
   B.   Effect Of Repealing Ordinances: The repeal of ordinances as provided in subsection A of this section shall not affect any right which has accrued, any duty imposed, any penalty incurred, nor any action or proceeding commenced under or by virtue of the ordinance repealed, nor the tenure of office of any person holding office at the time when they take effect; nor shall the repeal of any ordinance thereby have the effect of reviving any ordinance heretofore repealed or superseded. (1983 Code § 1.01.020)
   C.   Publication Of Ordinances:
      1.   All the ordinances of the city of a general and permanent character shall be revised and codified in binder form. Such changes, alterations, modifications, additions and substitutions shall be made therein to the end that a complete simplified code of the general and permanent ordinances of the city, in force at the time such codification is completed, be presented with errors, inconsistencies, repetitions and ambiguities eliminated. (1983 Code § 1.01.030)
      2.   Such ordinances, when codified and passed by the city council and approved by the mayor, shall be in full force and effect and no further publication of any ordinances contained in such revision will be necessary to make the same effective. (1983 Code § 1.01.040)
   D.   Reference To Specific Ordinances: The provisions of this code shall not in any manner affect matters of record which refer to, or are otherwise connected with ordinances which are herein specifically designated by number or otherwise and which are included within the code, but such reference shall be construed to apply to the corresponding provisions contained within this code. (1983 Code §
   E.   Repeal Of Existing Ordinances: So far as the provisions of this code are the same in effect as those of previously existing ordinances, they shall be construed as continuations thereof; but subject to the above limitation and the provisions of the next section, all ordinances and resolutions of the city, heretofore in force (except such as are of a private, local or temporary nature, including franchises, street vacations, grants, dedications, budget or appropriation ordinances, and specific levies for local assessments), are repealed. (1983 Code § 1.01.100)