A.   Permit Required: No person shall erect, construct or enlarge any structure; alter any existing structure, including alteration requiring electrical and/or plumbing changes; make any excavation and/or fill for structural purposes; or alter or convert use of any structure within the city without first obtaining a building permit pursuant to this section from the building official for each separate structure.
   B.   Permit Issuance: No building permit will be issued until the applicant has:
      1.   Received final approval on a variance, special use permit, temporary hardship, final subdivision plat, planned unit development or zone change if one is required.
      2.   Received an access approach, or encroachment approval from the appropriate highway jurisdiction.
      3.   For pole barns, log homes, steel structures or other alternate building systems not tested and approved by the National Evaluation Service, Inc., or the International Conference Of Building Officials Evaluation Service, Inc., or the International Code Council Evaluation Service, Inc., had plans approved and stamped by a design professional licensed in the state of Idaho.
      4.   An elevation certificate stamped by an Idaho licensed engineer, architect or surveyor when the parcel is located in a special flood hazard area, and complies with the methods and provisions of chapter 3 of this title.
      5.   Paid the applicable building permit fees and sewer and water hookup fees.
      6.   Survey completed and filed by a licensed surveyor with property pins visibly positioned.
      7.   Submitted a site plan showing location of proposed structures, location of water and sewer hookups and any other relevant matters. Approval by the city maintenance department is required before a permit will be issued.
   C.   Compliance With Streets, Water And Sewer Regulations: No building permit will be issued until such time as applicant has complied with all municipal requirements for extension of streets, water and sewer. (Ord. 427, 6-2-2009)