A.   Appointment; Salary: The city council shall designate a building official for the city. The building official shall have the authority to issue building permits, render interpretations of the adopted building codes and enforce the building codes consistent with those interpretations and the provisions of this chapter. Any references in the adopted standardized codes to council or governing body shall be deemed to refer to the city council of the city of Harrison.
   B.   Authority To Contract: In addition to the authority of the city council to designate a building official, the city may elect to have the uniform plumbing code, national electric code, international mechanical and fuel gas codes including chapters 13 through 25 of the international residential code be enforced by the Idaho division of building safety. (Ord. 427, 6-2-2009)
   C.   Powers And Duties: The building official shall have authority to ensure compliance with this title and all existing ordinances pertaining to building codes within the city; to issue permits for and cause inspection of said structures in accordance with the ordinances; to collect permit fees according to the adopted schedule of the city and to account for and pay to the city clerk all such fees; such payment and accounting to be made at least once each month. The building official has the power to issue stop work orders for noncompliance with this title or with the building codes adopted in this chapter. (1983 Code § 15.08.020; amd. Ord. 427, 6-2-2009)