(A)   Once a year, the City of Harker Heights will review consumption patterns and its income and expense levels and evaluate whether or not the current water rates are effective and appropriate. Adjustments will be made as needed.
   (B)   The City of Harker Heights will provide information on the city website regarding the current uniform water rate structure.
   (C)   Water meters will be tested as outlined in § 52.48.
   (D)   Public water conservation education methods will be implemented as outlined in § 52.44.
   (E)   A leak detection and repair program will be maintained as outlined in § 52.50.
   (F)   Replacement of water lines found to be leaking or are in a generally poor condition will be completed as quickly as practical to ensure minimal water loss.
   (G)   The City of Harker Heights will evaluate using reuse water as outlined in § 52.51.
(Ord. 2021-21, passed 4-20-21)