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Cable Communications   I
Licensed Refuse And Recycling Contractors   II
Solicitors   III
Junk Dealers   IV
Peddlers   V
Raffle License   VI
Coin Operated Amusement Devices   VII
Massage Establishments And Massage Services (Rep. by Ord. 06-04, 2-2-2006)    VIII
Tobacco Products   IX
Hotel Tax   X
Utility Tax   XI
Municipal Electricity Tax   XII
Restaurants; Outdoor Seating   XIII
Local Government Taxpayers'
Bill Of Rights   XIV
Adult Entertainment Establishments   XV
Simplified Municipal Telecommunications Tax   XVI
Cable/Video Service Provider Fee   XVII
Cable And Video Customer Protection  Regulations   XVIII
Carnivals   XIX
Identity Theft Prevention Program   XX
Business Licensing And Regulations   XXI
Identity Protection   XXII
Video Gaming   XXIII
Tattoo Parlors And Body Piercing  Establishments   XXIV
Tax on The Gross Receipts Of Places For Eating   XXV
Adult-Use Cannabis   XXVI
Municipal Cannabis Retailers' Occupation Tax   XXVII
Home Kitchen Operations And Cottage Food  Operations   XXVIII