(A)   Permits and fees for the inspection of waste- hauling vehicles shall be as set forth below.
      (1)   Waste-hauling vehicles used to dispose of waste such as, but not limited to compactor trucks, dump trucks, pick-up trucks, tank trucks, vacuum trucks, roll-off container trucks, flat bed trucks and other vehicles that haul waste to be disposed of shall be assessed a fee of $250 per waste-hauling vehicle.
      (2)   Replacement for lost or damaged sticker shall be $20.
   (B)   All permits issued under this chapter shall be on a calendar year basis and expire on December 31 of each year. Any permit issued for less than a calendar year shall have the fee prorated on a quarterly basis.  All fees paid shall be nonrefundable.  Permits shall be nontransferable.
   (C)   No permits shall be required or charged to any federal, state, county or municipally-owned and operated waste-hauling vehicles.
   (D)   All fees prescribed by this chapter shall be paid to the City Controller who shall render to the person making the payment, a receipt stating the amount and the purpose for which the fee had been paid.  In addition, the Controller shall issue the person a numbered sticker which shall be attached to each waste-hauling vehicle regulated by this chapter.  This sticker shall be placed in a conspicuous location on each waste-hauling vehicle or waste storage device.
   (E)   All fees prescribed by the chapter for which payment is required shall constitute a debt due the city.  The City Attorney shall at the direction of the City Controller institute a civil suit in the name of the city to recover the amount of any unpaid fee.  No civil judgment, or any act of the City Attorney, City Controller or violator shall bar or prevent the prosecution for each and every violation of this chapter.
(Prior Code, § 94.41)  (Ord.  4678,  passed  5-18-1981)  Penalty, see § 94.999