(A)   All containers for the deposit of garbage or rubbish shall be located on the alley line or a place to be readily accessible for removing and emptying the containers.  On those premises, wherein the collection and removal of garbage is not accomplished by use of an alley, the containers shall be placed adjacent to the street in a neat, orderly and sanitary manner on the day designated for the collection and removal of garbage and rubbish by the city, and the container shall be removed to the rear of the premises after the collection and removal is made and on the same day.  No pickups shall be made if containers are not accessible from public street or alley, or if containers are placed more than 3 feet from the street or alley.
   (B)   Garbage and rubbish containers shall be placed in a convenient location for collection as designated by the Superintendent of Sanitation or authorized person of the Sanitation Department.  All containers shall be maintained in a watertight, fly-proof and sanitary condition at all times.  No authorized agency or person shall collect garbage or rubbish from containers not so placed and maintained.
(Prior Code, § 94.30)  (Ord. 3326, passed 5-8-1961; Am. Ord. 4285, passed 12-13-1976) Penalty, see § 94.999