(A)   Only city approved 90 or 65 gallon containers shall be used for garbage, rubbish and trash.
   (B)   The Sanitation Department shall be authorized to remove all nonconforming containers from any alley, street or parkway.
   (C)   Garbage, rubbish or trash which is not inside a proper container will not be picked up by sanitation workers.
   (D)   Containers shall be kept in good condition by every tenant or owner of a residence or establishment within the city.
   (E)   The container(s) issued by the city shall become the property and responsibility of the property owner.
   (F)   However, in the event that the container is stolen or worn out, the city will agree to pay half the price for the replacement container so long as the owner files a police report and provides the Sanitation Department with a copy of that report to document the theft.
   (G)   Containers shall be located and maintained so as not to create a fire hazard or provide harborage for rodents or the breeding of insects.
   (H)   In instances where there are 2 or more families legally residing within a single house or building, it shall be the duty of 1 person owning the house or building to provide a minimum of 1 container per family for the deposit of garbage, rubbish and trash.
   (I)   In the event a new resident moves into an existing home and the previous owner has moved the container out of the city, the city will agree to pay the price for the replacement container upon presentation of a deed documenting the change in ownership of the property.
(Prior Code, § 94.29)  (Ord. 8342, passed 3-26-2001)  Penalty, see § 94.999