(A)   For the purpose of this article, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   (B)   All technical or oil and gas industry words or phrases used herein and not specifically defined herein shall have that meaning customarily attributable thereto by prudent operators in the oil and gas industry.
   ABANDONED WELL.  Any well inside the city limits for which city bonds, insurance requirements or annual inspection fees have not been kept current; or which does not have on file State Corporation Commission Form 1003A which allows wells to remain shut-in; those wells which are not exempt from plugging under State Corporation Commission rules; or a well which has not had operations for one year, except that for purposes of § 4-268.  No filing fees shall be required for a previously drilled well which is an ABANDONED WELL because it had no operations for one year.
   ARTIFICIAL PRODUCTION.  The raising to the surface of the earth, by means other than natural flow, petroleum or natural gas.
   CITY.  The City of Guthrie, Oklahoma.
   CORPORATION COMMISSION.  The Oklahoma Corporation Commission.
   DELETERIOUS SUBSTANCE.  Any chemical, salt water, oil field brine, waste oil, waste emulsified oil, basic sediment, mud or injurious substances produced or used in the drilling, development, producing, transportation, refining and processing of oil, gas or condensate.
   ENHANCED RECOVERY.  An operation by which fluid or energy is introduced into a source of supply for the purpose of facilitating recovery therefrom.
   NATURAL PRODUCTION.  The raising to the surface of the earth, by natural flow, petroleum or natural gas.
   PERSON.  Any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, trust, cooperative or other type of organization.
   PERMITTEE.  The person to whom is issued a permit or permits under the terms of this article.
   PLUGGED AND ABANDONED WELL.  Any well plugged and abandoned in compliance with municipal and/or Corporation Commission regulations at time of plugging.
   POLLUTION.  The contamination or other alteration of the physical, chemical or biological properties of any natural waters of the city, or the discharge of any liquid, gaseous or solid substance into any water of the city as will or is likely to create a nuisance or render the waters harmful or detrimental or injurious to public health, safety or welfare; to domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, recreational or other beneficial uses; or to livestock, animals or aquatic life.
   PRESSURE MAINTENANCE.  An operation by which gas, water or other fluids are injected into an oil or gas reservoir to maintain pressure or retard pressure decline therein for the purpose of facilitating recovery therefrom, and which has been approved by the Corporation Commission after notice and hearing.
   STATE.  The State of Oklahoma, its branches, departments, agencies, boards or the officers thereof.
   WATER or WATERS OF THE CITY.  All streams, lakes, ponds, marshes, watercourses, waterways, wells, springs, irrigation systems, drainage systems and all other bodies or accumulations of water, surface and underground, natural or artificial, public or private, which are contained within, flow through or border upon the city or any portion thereof.
   WELL.  Unless specifically qualified, any hole or holes or bore or bores, to any depth for the purpose of producing and recovering any oil, gas or liquified matter or for the injection or disposal of any of the foregoing.
(Ord. 2991, passed 7-19-94)