(A)   Every application for a permit to drill an original well or to re-enter an abandoned well or plugged and abandoned well shall be in writing, signed by the applicant or by some person duly authorized to sign same on his or her behalf, and it shall be filed with the City Manager or his or her designee and be accompanied by a filing fee of $3,500.  No application shall request a permit to drill more than one well.  The application shall contain full information required by the City Manager or his or her designee, including the following:
      (1)   Name and address of applicant and date of application;
      (2)   Where applying for a proposed original well:
         (a)   A map of the drill site and proposed surface facilities, including thereon the location of the proposed well, and distance therefrom to all existing dwelling houses, buildings or other structures designated for the occupancy of human beings or animals within a 1,000-foot radius of the well bore, and the location of all existing oil, gas or fresh water wells within the 1,000-foot tract; and
         (b)   The names of the mineral, surface and lease owners.
      (3)   A copy of the approved drilling or re-entry permit from the Corporation Commission and a copy of the staking plat.
      (4)   A drilling prognosis, on city application forms, to specify in detail the amount, weight and size of conductor casing, surface casing and production casing and the procedure to be used for cementing each;  (New casing is to be used for surface casing.  New or pre-approved electronically inspected used production casing, meeting API 5CT specifications for new casing is required.  Plugging procedures to be used in the event production is not established shall also be specified.)
      (5)   A statement of the provisions for water for the drilling rig, from private pond, stream or city fire hydrant and a copy of approved water resources board permit;  (A flush meter is required on a city fire hydrant which can be obtained from the utility office with an appropriate deposit.)
      (6)   The name and address of the person within the state upon whom service of process upon applicant may be made within this state; and  (In the case of any nonresident person who has no service agent within this state, there shall be attached to the application the designation of a service agent resident in the county, and a consent that service of summons may be made upon a person in any action to enforce any of the obligations of the applicant hereunder.)
      (7)   A verification of the applicant hereunder.
   (B)   Where the application is one for re-entry of an abandoned or plugged and abandoned well, the application shall contain all the information required by division (A) above, with the exception that the City Manager or his or her designee may vary the requirements thereof to suit the application before him or her.  The application for a permit to re-enter an abandoned or plugged and abandoned well shall provide the following information in every case:
      (1)   A statement of:
         (a)   The existing condition of the well or Corporation Commission plugging report;
         (b)   The depth to which the well shall be cleaned out to or deepened; and
         (c)   The proposed casing program to be used in connection with the proposed activity.
      (2)   Evidence of current casing tests showing that the casing string or strings currently pass the same tests required for a new drilling application.
(Ord. 2991, passed 7-19-94)