(A)   A person commits an offense if he is an owner, occupant, or person in control of occupied or unoccupied premises in the city and permits weeds or grass located on the premises to grow to a height greater than 12 inches.
   (B)   It is a defense to prosecution under division (A) of this section that the weeds and grass are maintained at or below a height of 12 inches at all points on the premises within 100 feet of its perimeters.
   (C)   For purposes of this subchapter, the term PREMISES means the lot, plot, or parcel of land, plus the front or side parkway between the property line or sidewalk and the curb or traveled way, and the rear or side parkway between the property line and the center line of an adjacent alley.
   (D)   Allegation and evidence of a culpable mental state is not required for the proof of an offense defined by this section.
(Ord. 429, passed 1-24-95)  Penalty, see § 92.99