1.00   [Reserved]
   2.00   Copying charges for public records
   3.00   Building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and irrigation permit fees
   4.00   Plan review fees
   5.00   Contractor registration fees
   6.00   Fence permit fees
   7.00   Alcoholic beverage business permit fee
   8.00   Coin operated game machine permit fee
   9.00   Peddlers/vendors/solicitors permit fee
   10.00   Sexually oriented business permit fee
   11.00   Public auction permit fee
   12.00   Oil and gas well, mineral exploration permit fee
   13.00   Advertising sign permit fee
   14.00   Permit fee for circus, carnival or tent show
   15.00   Junkyard permit fee
   16.00   Plat filing fees
   17.00   Returned check charge
   18.00   Fee for issuing certificate of occupancy
   19.00   Food service permits, license or certificate fee
   20.00   Brawner Hall rental rates
   21.00   Mobile home variance fees
   22.00   Rental of athletic field and equipment
   23.00   Fire Department Hall rental rates
   24.00   Garage sale fees
   25.00   Credit card; processing fee
   26.00   Criminal history check fee
   27.00   Municipal Court Technology Fund; fee assessment and collection
   28.00   Towing and wrecker services; permit and license fees; towing and storage fees
   29.00   Dangerous animals; registration fees
   30.00   Animal control; licenses, fines
   31.00   Sales and construction offices; real estate; permit required
   32.00   Child care facility; permit required
   33.00   Drainage channel modification; permit required
   34.00   Alarm systems; permit required
   35.00   Small wind energy system special use permit
   36.00   Wireless network permit fees
   37.00   Short term fee schedule