Ord. No.   Date   Description
220   3-27-36   Lease of land from the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co. for the construction of an open ditch.
433   11-2-59   Assignment of the lease for Ohio and Erie Canal lands to the Village.
493   7-30-62   Reassignment of Village of Groveport Lease No. 1437 from Robert Mallory from Kenneth, Dorothy, Richard and Vivian Stabelton.
496   9-24-62   Reassignment of Canal Lease No. 1452 from Loring and Erma List to Richard, Vivian, Kenneth and Dorothy Stabelton.
3-73   1-21-73   Reassignment of Canal Land Lease No. 716 from Orin Hamler to Margaret Wynd.
41-73   8-27-73   Sublease of Canal Land No. 1141 to Melvin and Helen Coakley.
28-75   10-27-75   Assignment of sublease of Canal Land No. 849 from William Hamler to Charles and Betty Schumacher.
34-76   8-23-76   Assignment of sublease of Canal Land No. 1423 from Goldie Claffey to Robert Ward.
18-78   2-27-78   Approval of renewal of the leases covered by Ohio and Erie Canal Land Lease No. 1437 to Orin Hamler.
33-78   12-18-78   Lease of property at 173 Front St., from Franklin County for operation of the Parker Morrow House.
26-86   6-23-86   Lease of property from Madison Township for a portion of the fire department lands on Hamilton Road.
24-90   3-12-90   Lease with the City of Columbus for the front one-third of the Richardson Road Park.
10-93   3-8-93   Lease with S.M.P. Partnership for a Police, Public Works and Parks and Recreation facility.
15-95   3-27-95   Lease to the Groveport Heritage Society the former Planning and Zoning Building, formerly known as 595 Cherry St. for one dollar ($1.00) a year for five years.
76-97   9-29-97   Authorizes lease with the Groveport Heritage Society.
10-98   2-9-98   Authorizes lease of 605 Cherry St.
06-48   11-27-06   Authorizes the lease of several tracts of land on Main St. to Pizzoti Groveport, LLC.
07-25   5-14-07   Authorizes amendments to Ord. 06-48.
13-013   4-22-13   Authorizes lease of property at Main and Front Sts. to Baltimore Land Management, LLC.
15-033   6-22-15   Authorizes lease agreement with the Greater Groveport Food Pantry for 595 Cherry Street.
15-046   8-24-15   Authorizes lease agreement with the Groveport Heritage and Preservation Society for the Groveport Heritage Museum in the Town Hall.
15-075   12-21-15   Authorizes lease agreement with Huntington Public Capital Corporation.
16-058   11-28-16   Authorizes the Administrator to enter into a land lease agreement with New Par, dba Verizon Wireless for the construction and installation of a utility tower and related appurtenances.
2021-021   5-25-21   Authorizes the Groveport Community Improvement Corporation (hereinafter “Groveport CIC”) to lease City-owned real property located at 480 Main Street and 674 Main Street.