Ord. No.   Date   Description
171 1/2   12-13-22   Elmont Ave. from Main St. to Heer St.; Rarey Boulevard from Main St. to Heer St.; Bigelow Ave. from Wirt Rd. to Heer St.; Heer St. from Bigelow Ave. to Elmont Ave.; and an unnamed alley from Bigelow Ave. to Elmont Ave.
189   5-31-29   Frank's Alley from the south side of Canal St. south to the half section line.
288   7-27-49   Buel Alley from Cherry St. to Main St.
320   8-17-53   Buel Alley from Cherry St. south to its point of termination.
351   2-21-55   Cherry St. between Tallman St. in R.D. Miller's Addition to the Village Limits.
388   5-27-57   An unnamed alley being the first alley east of West St.
26-71   7-26-71   Frank's Alley on the north side of Main St.
22-73   6-25-73   An unnamed alley from a point beginning at College St. east to Brook Alley.
10-77   5-23-77   That portion of "E" alley which runs between Elm St. and Maple St.
38-82   10-25-82   Portion of Hendron Road from the center line of Williams Road to a point 770 feet south.
10-86   1-15-86   Portion of Cherry St. from Leslie St. west to Hendron Drive.
82-88   2-13-89   A walkway at Clark Court.
24-96   5-6-96   McClish Drive.
95-97   11-10-97   Portions of E. Alley, Frank Alley, Bael Alley, and Bastel Alley.
2-99   2-8-99   Raver Alley south of Canal St.
00-025   4-24-00   A portion of Saltzgaber Road.
02-073   7-22-02   A portion of Shoemaker alley east of College St.
05-092   11-28-05   A portion of right-of-way immediately adjacent to 744 Blacklick St.
08-062   1-26-09   Vacating the right of way for the proposed Green Pointe Drive South Extension as originally dedicated in the final plat for the Opus Business Center.
09-020   11-23-09   Vacating a portion of Crooked Alley as originally dedicated in the Franklin County Recorder’s Office Deed Book 28, Page 470.