Ord. No.   Date   Description
223   4-10-36   Accepting deeds from Edith and Charles Coon, George and Gertruade North and John and Edith North for premises in Madison Township.
232   10-19-53   Accepts deed from Ralph D. Miller.
349   12-20-54   Accepting deed from Horace Mayne for one-half of an acre of land to be known as Horace Mayne Park.
376   5-28-56   Purchase of land from the Ohio Midland Light and Power Co.
457   1-23-61   Sale of real estate to the Franklin County Board of Commissioners to construct a sanitary sewerage treatment plant.
685   9-23-68   Purchase of property owned by Fannie Leigher for a municipal parking lot.
49-74   11-25-74   Accepts deed of land from Robert and Esther Reed.
21-78   4-24-78   Appropriate a .194 acre tract of land for the purpose of a public park.
35-81   9-28-81   Accepts a limited warranty deed for lands along Williams Rd.
33-86   9-22-86   Transfer of property known as the pump house property on Kessler St. to C.E. and V.K. Cropp for $1.00.
42-87   12-28-87   Accepts deed of land from Don Ball.
60-91   10-28-91   Appropriates fee simple interest in real estate legally described in attachment to ordinance.
Res. 1-93   1-6-93   Appropriates the land of 4C's Inc., located west of College and Main Streets.
50-93   8-9-93   Authorizes the purchase of real estate from McGill Development Corporation for $685,000.
37-94   7-25-94   Accepts gift of an 11.060 acre tract of land west of Hendron Road, south of C & O Railroad, north of Marlowe Drive, east of State Route 317 from Floyd J. Barnhart.
62-95   10-9-95   Authorizes sale of 605 Cherry St. to the highest bidder.
63-95   12-11-95   Authorizes sale of 421 Main St. to the highest bidder.
21-96   2-22-96   Authorizes the purchase of property on Wirt Road.
47-96   6-10-96   Authorizes the purchase of 421 Main St., from the Police Drug Education and Enforcement Program for $18,000.
57-96   6-24-96   Accepts a portion of Canal Lands from the State.
79-96   10-28-96   Accepts the Groveport Madison Recreation Club, Inc., Swimming Pool and Property.
102-96   1-27-97   Authorizes the purchase of the Branscomb property.
14-97   2-10-97   Authorizes the purchase of the Palm property south of the cemetery.
17-97   2-24-97   Authorizes the purchase of the Branscomb at 674 Main St.
39-99   7-12-99   Accepts the donation of property from Robert Mysliniec and the Baker Joint Venture.
65-99   12-20-99   Authorizes the purchase of the Derenthal property.
00-059   10-9-00   Authorizes the purchase of 2.423 acres located adjacent to the CSX Transportation Inc. Chesapeake and Ohio Railway west of Roger Road for $40,000.
00-061   11-13-01   Purchase of 674 Main St.
00-073   12-18-00   Purchase of Parcel No. 185-000917 located at 5321 Hendron Rd.
00-077   11-30-00   Authorizes the purchase of 84 acres located on Groveport Road from Richard Cassie.
01-022   4-23-01   Accepts gift of 89.322 acres to the Elmont Place Park Land from the Stonehenge Co.
01-057   9-10-01   Purchase of Lot 19, which guarantees the Village Revised “Reserve B” in the Elmont Place Subdivision (aka Waldon Ponds).
01-062   11-13-01   Purchase of 9 parcels of land adjacent to Dehenhart Park from Evans Adhesive Co.
01-069   10-22-01   Purchase of house and ancillary structures at 3582 Rohr Rd.
01-094   12-17-01   Accepts gift of several parcels of land adjacent to Degenhart Park from the Evans Adhesive Co.
2001-101   1-28-02   Accepts the gift of a portion of parcels Nos. 185-002193 and 185- 001539 in the Elmont Place Subdivision from the Stonehenge Co.
2002-082   7-8-02   Authorizes the Administrator to convey that tract of land currently known as “Reserve D” of Elmont Place (aka Walden Ponds) Subdivision, Section 1, to Crossman Communities of Ohio, Inc.
2002-086   8-12-02   Accepts the gift of .806 acres at the northeast corner of S.R. 317 and Hamilton Road from Rockford Homes, Inc.
2002-013   4-28-03   Authorizes sale of a 3.614 acre tract and a 2.296 acre tract located on Hendron Road to Groveport Medical.
2003-017   3-24-03   Accepts the transfer of Canal lands from the Department of Natural Resources.
2003-048   5-27-03   Authorizes purchase of property located at 704 Main St.
2003-085   10-13-03   Authorizes purchase of property located at 662 Main St.
2004-040   9-13-04   Authorizes the purchase of property at 716 and 728 E. Main St.
2004-059   10-11-04   Purchase of property located at 1005 Richardson Road from the Groveport Golf Club, Inc.
2004-074   11-22-04   Purchase of property owned by Richard Stebelton, et al. located at 657 Main St.
2004-101   1-10-05   Accepts the grant of a 4.816 and a 29.325 acre tract from Mina Dioun as park land donations.
2005-010   1-24-05   Amends Ord. 2004-074 the purchase of Stebelton parcels on East Main St.
2006-022   5-22-06   Accepts the grant of a fee simple interest in a 0.163 acre tract for right of way purposes from Groveport Medical Office Park, Ltd.
2006-037   9-11-06   Accepts a fee simple interest in a 0.029 acre tract of land from Certified Oil Corp.
2006-045   9-11-06   Authorizes the sale of a 0.0144 acre tract to Tadeusz Lisowski.
2006-066   12-18-06   Authorizes the purchase of 613 Wirt Road.
07-041   9-24-07   Accepts the grant of Reserve Area “A” of Founder’s Bend Section 1 and Reserve Area “C” of Founder’s Bend Section 3 from Rockford Homes.
07-061   12-17-07   Authorizes the purchase of 2.85 acres on Ebright Road from Daniel Foor, Jr.
08-029   5-12-08   Authorizing the Administrator to accept the grant of Reserve Area “E”, of Elmont Place, Section 1 (FKA Walden Ponds Section 1), Parcel No. 185-001950 and Reserve Area “F” of Elmont Place, Section 2, Parcel No. 185-002535 from the Stonehenge Land Company.
10-018   7-12-10   Repealing Ordinance 09-039 which authorized the Groveport Community Improvement (Groveport CIC) to sell certain parcels owned by the Village to RASL, LLC.
12-028   7-23-12   Authorizing the Groveport Community Improvement Corporation (hereinafter "Groveport CIC") to sell Parcel Number 185-000046 (an approximate 0.056 acre tract), Parcel Number 185-002775 (an approximate 0.018 acre tract) and Parcel Number 185-002776 (an approximate 0.018 acre tract), 0.092 acres, more or less, located on Main Street to RASL LLC.
12-049   11-13-12   Authorizing the Administrator to sell a 0.0350 acre tract to Scott T. Peer and purchase a 0.0254 acre tract from the same.
13-030   7-8-13   Authorizing the Administrator to enter into a contract for the purchase of Parcel No. 185-000144 located at 173 Front Street owned by Southeast Mental Health Center, Inc.
13-031   7-8-13   Authorizing the Administrator to enter into a contract for the purchase of Parcel No. 185-001850 located at 5690 Clyde Moore Drive owned by Offices at Greenpointe Park, LTD.
15-030   7-13-15   Authorizes donation of Parcels 185-000437 and 185-000438 to the Groveport Heritage and Preservation Society.
15-070   10-26-15   Authorizes accepting grant of Parcels 185-000753, 185-000754, 185-000755, 185-000756, 185-000794, 185-000795, 185-000796, 185-000797, 185-000798, 185-000799, 185-000800, 185-000801, 185-000802, 185-000803, 185-000805, 185-000806, 185-000807, 185-000808, 185-000809 and 185-000842 from Evans Capital Investments, Ltd.
16-019   3-28-16   Accepts the transfer of Canal Lands via a Governor’s deed and authorizing the Administrator to enter into an agreement with the State of Ohio, Department of Natural Resources, for said transfer.
16-064   12-19-16   Authorizes the Administrator to accept the grant of Parcel 185- 001015, 384 Westport Drive, from Michael Harris.
2020-021   4-27-20   Authorizes the Administrator to enter into a contract for the purchase of Parcel No. 185-000224 located at 480 Main Street.
2021-018   5-10-21   Authorizing the Groveport Community Improvement Corporation (hereinafter “Groveport CIC”) to sell the property, located at 384 Westport Drive.