Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Regulation
1399.01   Definitions.
1399.02   General provisions.
1399.03   Scope and intent.
1399.04   Stormwater runoff control standards.
1399.05   Soil erosion and sediment control standards.
1399.06   Soil erosion and sediment control plan requirements.
1399.07   Administration and appeals.
1399.08   Compliance responsibility.
1399.09   Plan review and inspection fees.
Stormwater Management - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 935
   EDITOR'S NOTE: This chapter has been adopted as a guideline for implementing pollutant reduction programs on construction sites in the City of Groveport. This regulation is applicable to all premises within the City of Groveport and other appropriate premises per the provisions defined in the City of Groveport Codified Ordinances, Chapter 1110. Earth and land disturbing activities associated with construction contribute to the pollution of public waters through soil erosion and sedimentation. Control programs designed to minimize these problems should incorporate the following planning, inspection, enforcement requirements and best management practices.