1329.22   FLOODWAYS.
   The Flood Insurance Study referenced in Section 1329.06 identifies a segment within areas of special flood hazard known as a floodway. Floodways may also be delineated in other sources of flood information as specified in Section 1329.15(b). The floodway is an extremely hazardous area due to the velocity of flood waters which carry debris, potential projectiles, and cause erosion. The following provisions apply within all delineated floodway areas:
(Ord. C39-87. Passed 5-18-87; Ord. C17-04. Passed 3-1-04.)
   (a)   Prohibit encroachments, including fill, new construction, substantial improvements, and other development unless a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis performed in accordance with standard engineering practices demonstrates that the proposed encroachment would not result in any increase in flood levels during the occurrence of the base flood discharge.
   (b)   If Section 1329.22(a) hereof is satisfied, all new construction and substantial improvements shall comply with all applicable flood hazard reduction provisions of Section 1329.20.
(Ord. C47-95. Passed 8-7-95; Ord. C17-04. Passed 3-1-04.)
   (c)   Any encroachment within the floodway that would result in an increase in base flood elevations can only be granted upon the prior approval by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Such requests shall be submitted by the City Administration to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and shall meet the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program.
(Ord. C3-94. Passed 1-18-94.)