(a)   The following set of Civil Service Regulations are hereby adopted in accordance with the authority conferred upon the Civil Service Commission of the City of Grove City by Section 10 of Article XV of the Constitution of the State of Ohio, Ohio R.C. 124.40, and by the City Charter, Sections 4.04 and 4.05, with the following changes to:
      (1)   Ohio R.C. 124.23 Examinations;
      (2)   Ohio R.C. 124.26 Eligibility lists - veteran's preference - provisional employees;
      (3)   Ohio R.C. 124.27 Appointments-from eligible lists - probation;
      (4)   Ohio R.C. 124.31 Promotions;
      (5)   Ohio R.C. 124.44 Police Department promotions;
      (6)   and as otherwise provided, if applicable, in Chapter 161. (Ord. C08-13. Passed 2-19-13.)
      (7)   Any provision of Ohio R.C. Chapters 124 or 4117 that conflicts with Section 155.04 or Section 155.07. (Ord. C39-13. Passed 7-1-13.)
   (b)   Notice of meetings or hearings of the Civil Service Commission, including the time, date, and place of such meeting or hearing, shall be published by placement on the City’s website, not less than seven days prior to the meeting or hearing. (Ord. C17-18.  Passed 4-2-18.)
   (c)   In the event of a conflict, the terms of any collective bargaining agreement shall control over any provision in this chapter or under Ohio R.C. Chapter 124. (Ord. C08-13. Passed 2-19-13.)
(Ord. C12-90. Passed 2-5-90; Ord. C50-01.  Passed 8-20-01; Ord. C17-18.  Passed 4-2-18.)