(a)   Classifications in the South-Western City School District shall be either competitive or noncompetitive. The Board of Education shall determine whether each civil service classification for South-Western City School District is competitive and therefore subject to examination pursuant to Section 155.02(a) or is noncompetitive and therefore not subject to examination; provided that, in determining whether a class shall be designated as competitive or noncompetitive, the Board shall consider the following factors:
      (1)   The practicality of testing for the class by competitive examination in accordance with generally accepted psychometric standards;
      (2)   Whether the positions in the class require peculiar and exceptional qualifications of a scientific, managerial, professional, or educational character as demonstrated by:
         A.   The level of education, the field of study, and the degree of specialization required;
         B.   The kind, level, and amount of work experience required;
         C.   A special license or certificate required; and/or
         D.   Any recruiting or other information relating to the number and availability of qualified applicants.
      (3)   Whether the class consists of unskilled positions for which it is impractical to test for competitively;
      (4)   Whether other area school districts require competitive examinations for similar positions; and
      (5)   Any other relevant information.
   (b)   Upon the effective date of this section, the Board of Education shall certify to the Commission a list of job classifications under the jurisdiction of this Commission with an indication as to whether such classifications are to be deemed competitive or noncompetitive. Once a classification has been deemed or determined to be competitive or noncompetitive, the Board may reconsider its status at any time and must reconsider its status upon request of the Commission.
   (c)   Upon establishing a new classification for the South-Western City School District, the Board of Education shall, in keeping with the foregoing criteria, determine whether such classification is competitive or noncompetitive, and promptly notify the Commission of its determination.
   (d)   Classifications deemed or determined to be noncompetitive shall not be subject to civil service examinations under this chapter or Ohio R.C. Chapter 124 and all South-Western City School District appointments into noncompetitive positions shall be subject solely to South-Western City School District's internal hiring process and shall not be subject to this chapter or Ohio R.C. Chapter 124.
(Ord. C39-13. Passed 7-1-13.)