8.07.010  Definitions.
   For the purposes of this chapter, the words and phrases set out in this section shall have the following meanings: 
   A.   "Container" means any can, tank, receptacle or box used or intended to be used for the purpose of holding solid waste.
   B.   "Enforcement Officer" means the Community Development Director or his or her designee pursuant to Section 1.08.150 of this code.
   C.   "Person" means an individual, association, co-partnership, political subdivision, government agency, municipality, industry, public or private corporation, firm, organization, partnership, joint venture or any other entity whatsoever.
   D.   "Solid waste" means any and all putrescible and nonputrescible liquid, solid and/or semi-solid waste, whether hazardous or nonhazardous, and/or discarded property and items, including but not limited to refuse, garbage, rubbish, paper, ashes, industrial wastes, demolition and construction waste, nuisance vehicles, dismantled vehicles or abandoned vehicles and/or parts thereof, discarded home, farm or industrial appliances, furniture or personal property, vegetable or animal solid and semi-solid wastes and other discarded liquid, solid and/or semi-solid wastes. For purposes of this chapter, "solid waste" shall include materials brought to a Butte County waste facility that may ultimately be diverted, reused or recycled by the county.
   E.   "Waste facility" means:
      1.   A permitted facility used to receive, temporarily store, separate, convert or otherwise process the materials in solid waste or transfer solid waste directly from smaller to larger vehicles for transport;
      2.   A permitted solid waste disposal site which is a Class III Disposal Site in accordance with the meaning prescribed by Article 2, Subchapter 15, Chapter 3, Title 23 of the California Code of Regulations (commencing with Section 2510) as amended from time to time;
      3.   A permitted household hazardous waste collection facility authorized to operate under permit by rule status pursuant to Title 22, California Code of Regulations, Section 66270.60;
      4.   A permitted Class II Disposal Site;
      5.   A permitted waste processor;
      6.   A mono-fill waste disposal site; and
      7.   An exempt disposal facility or reclamation site.
(Ord. 791-2010 (part), 2010)