Chapter 8.06 Public Nuisance Abatement
   8.06.010   Declaration of what constitutes an unlawful public nuisance.
   8.06.020   Authority for adoption, application and purpose.
   8.06.030   Mailing notice to abate nuisance.
   8.06.040   Posting of notice on property.
   8.06.050   Effect of failure to receive notice.
   8.06.060   Effect of failure to abate.
   8.06.070   Hearing.
   8.06.080   Extension of time.
   8.06.090   Abatement by city.
   8.06.100   Record of expenses.
   8.06.110   Hearing on statement of expenses.
   8.06.120   Expenses--a lien and a special assessment against the property.
   8.06.130   Notice of lien and special assessment.
   8.06.140   Summary abatement.
   8.06.150   Charges for fire suppression services.
   8.06.160   Issuance of permits, corrections required.