1.08.110  Notice to correct--issuance.
   A.   If after investigation or other enforcement action by a duly authorized city enforcement officer it appears that a violation of the city ordinance(s) has occurred, and all the conditions set forth in subsection B. of this section are met and the investigating officer decides to take enforcement action, he or she may prepare, in triplicate, and the violator shall sign, a written notice containing his or her promise to correct the alleged violation and deliver proof of correction of the violation to the issuing agency.
   B.   The use of the notice to correct violation as provided in this section is authorized when all of the following conditions exist:
      1.   The violation does not evidence fraud or persistent neglect;
      2.   The violation has not presented and does not present an immediate safety hazard;
      3.   The alleged violator agrees to, and is able to, promptly correct the violation.
   C.   If any of the conditions set forth in subsection B. of this section are not met, the investigating officer may cause the issuance of a notice to appear in accordance with Section 1.08.020.
   D.   The notice to correct violation shall be in a form approved by the city, and in addition to the identifying information, shall contain an estimate of the reasonable time required for correction and proof of correction of the particular defect, normally, and at the sole discretion of the city, not to exceed thirty (30) days.
(Ord. 791-2010 (part), 2010)