The following adjustments are applicable to the rates and charges set forth in § 51.02 with respect to the several classes of electric service, as indicated.
   (A)   Rate adjustments.  The rate adjustments shall be on the basis of a purchase power cost adjustment tracking factor occasioned solely by changes in the cost of purchased power and energy, in accordance with the order of the State Utility Regulatory Commission, approved 12-13-1989, in Cause No. 36835-S3, as follows:  rate adjustments applicable to the below listed rate schedules are as follows:
Residential (Rate RS)
$.001961 per KWH
Commercial (Rate CS)
$.001729 per KWH
General (Rate GS)
$.001767 per KWH
Industrial (Rate IPS)
$.001664 per KWH
Flat rates (Rates SL & OL)
$.001596 per KWH
   (B)   Peak management program credits. This division (B) applies to residential and/or commercial customers who participate in the “Peak Management Program” in accordance with the rules and provisions thereof and have a “Peak Management switch” installed on a central air conditioner and/or electric water heater.  A copy of the rules and provisions for participation may be requested from the utility office.
      (1)   Credits for participation in the Peak Management Program will be as follows:
         (a)   Electric water heater - $1 per switch per month, January through December; and
         (b)   Central air conditioner - $2 per switch per month, June through September.
      (2)   These credits will be included on participating customer’s monthly bills.  A customer participating in the program may withdraw at any time upon notifying the utility.  Credits will stop with the first bill following customer withdrawal from the Peak Management Program, the termination of the utility’s participation in the program, or the program’s termination by IMPA.
(1985 Code, § 6-11-3)  (Ord. 1-1982, passed 2-8-1982; Ord. 1993-6, passed 12-13-1993; Ord. 1995-2, passed 2-14-1995; Ord. 1996-15, passed 8-14-1996; Ord. 1998-5, passed 10-15-1998)