If after such hearing the Council officially determines that the tree, building or structure, because of neglect or decay or any other cause, is so dilapidated, dangerous or in such condition as to menace the public health or the safety of persons, passers-by or adjacent property, or is in such condition as to constitute an unreasonable fire hazard or an obstruction of public travel and right or is in such condition as to be subversive of public order, decency or morals, then the Council may declare such tree, building or structure to be a nuisance and thereupon the Council shall cause an order to be entered and served upon the person holding, owning or maintaining such tree, building or structure, advising of such official determination and directing that unless the objectionable conditions which shall be specified in the order are remedied to the reasonable satisfaction of the Council within such reasonable time as may be fixed in the order, which shall be not less than fifteen (15) days, the Council will cause the tree, building or structure to be repaired, destroyed or removed. Such order shall be served in the manner provided for the service of the notice in the Idaho Statutes. (Ord. 314, 10-16-1950)