4-1-2: HEARING:
If upon making such inspection and examination the Council shall consider that any tree, building or structure within said City, because of neglect or decay or any other cause, is so dilapidated, dangerous or in such condition so as to menace the public health or the safety of persons, passers-by or adjacent property, or is in such condition as to constitute an unreasonable fire hazard or an obstruction of public travel and rights or is in such condition as to be subversive of public order, decency or morals, then the Council shall hold a hearing relative to said tree, building or structure and shall cause a notice to be served upon the person holding, owning or maintaining such building, tree or structure, specifying a time and place when and where a hearing will be had relative thereto before the Mayor and Council. The time for such hearing shall be not less than ten (10) days from the date of the notice. If the building or property be vacant and the owner absent from the City, such notice may be served by posting a copy thereof on the front door of said premises and by mailing a copy thereof to the owner at the address of such owner as shown on such records. At such hearing witnesses may be heard and evidence received on behalf of the City or the person owning, holding or maintaining such tree, building or structure, and the hearing will be conducted as nearly as practicable in the manner prevailing in courts of law. (Ord. 314, 10-16-1950)