A.   Purpose: This Title is enacted for the purpose of promoting public health, safety, and general welfare; to conserve and protect property and property values; to secure the most appropriate use of lands; to control the density of population; to prevent traffic congestion; and to facilitate adequate and economical provisions for public improvements and services; all for the desirable future physical development of the City of Gooding; to provide a method of administration and to prescribe means of enforcement of provisions hereafter described.
   B.   Interpretations: For the purpose of this Title certain terms or words shall be interpreted as follows:
      1.   The word "person" includes firm, association, organization, partnership(s), trust, company or corporation, as well as an individual.
      2.   The present tense includes the future tense, the singular number includes the plural, and the plural number includes the singular.
      3.   The word "shall" is a mandatory requirement, the word "may" is a permission requirement, and the word "should" is a preferred requirement.
      4.   The word "lot" includes the words "plot", "parcel", and "tract". (Ord. 626, 10-7-2002)