Operation Generally
   71.01   One-way streets
   71.02   Limitations of backing
   71.03   Emerging from alley, driveway or building
   71.04   Emerging from parking space
   71.05   Driving on laned roadway
   71.06   Speed limit
   71.07   Speed of railroad trains; ringing of bells; obstruction of street crossings
Special Stops Required; Right-of-Way
   71.20   Stopping at certain intersections
   71.21   Yield right-of-way intersections
   71.22   Entering intersection or crosswalk when traffic obstruction would result
   71.23   Driving through funeral processions
   71.24   Stop when traffic obstructed
Turning Restrictions
   71.35   Left turn at intersection
   71.36   No left turn and no right turn intersection
   71.37   Turning around prohibited in certain places
Prohibited Acts
   71.50   Driving on sidewalk prohibited
   71.51   Use of skateboards, roller skates, coasters, scooters and similar devices
   71.52   Crossing fire hose
   71.53   Spinning of wheels, causing tires to squeal
   71.54   Racing, testing, or blowing out motor
   71.55   Moving another's vehicle to unlawful place