A.   Charges Authorized: Pursuant to 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-150-1, and authority contained in other provisions of the state statutes, there is hereby established within the village a charge for connection into the water distribution and sewage systems or combined systems of the village. Such charge is to be assessed against new or additional users of the sewage system or the water system of the village and shall be known as the "connection charge". The charge shall be payable at the time a connection receipt or building permit is issued. Contained within the connection charge are a number of subcharges or subcategories. In some instances, the charge established shall be a sum fixed within this chapter. In other instances, such charge shall be based upon the cost to the village of the extension of a particular part of the system. In some instances, a subcharge may be based upon the volume of the proposed usage. If the building plans and specifications are not susceptible to an accurate estimate of the volume of the usage, the person desiring to make the connection shall pay that portion of the fee based upon the most accurate estimate which can be made upon the plan submitted. At the time that the sewer and/or water connection is in full use, a reevaluation of the volume of the usage shall be made and an adjustment of the fee shall be applied. Such reevaluation shall be made within one year of the date at which the operation, in the opinion of the director of public works, shall have reached its full use. (Ord. 84-14, 5-15-1984; amd. 2001 Code)
   B.   Determination Of Charges: The connection charge shall be determined by adding together the subcharges which are applicable to the particular new or additional user of the system. There shall be three (3) subcharges, the sum of which shall constitute the total connection fee for entrance into the water distribution and/or sewage system. The three (3) subcharges shall be known as:
      1.   The water connection tap-on fee as set forth in section 8-1-5 of this chapter.
      2.   The sewer connection tap-on fee as set forth in section 8-1-6 of this chapter.
      3.   The water and sewer extension connection fee as set forth in section 8-1-7 of this chapter. (Ord. 84-14, 5-15-1984)