(A)   Creation, definition and jurisdiction. The Upper Potomac River Commission is hereby created and authorized to exercise, for the purpose herein set forth, all powers herein delegated to it. The word “Commission,” as used herein, is defined to mean the Upper Potomac River Commission. The District, for the purposes herein set forth and for no other purposes, shall be under the jurisdiction of the Commission.
   (B)   Membership and terms; administrative rules and regulations. The Commission shall be composed of 3 members. One shall be appointed by the County Commissioners of Garrett County and 1 by the County Commissioners of Allegany County and the third shall be named by the Governor of Maryland, the first appointments hereunder to be made on or before May 1, 1935, upon which date the terms of office shall begin. All appointees shall be residents and taxpayers of Allegany and Garrett Counties and shall serve for 6 years or until their successors are appointed and have qualified, except that the first members appointed by the County Commissioners of Garrett County and Allegany County shall serve for terms of 2 and 4 years, respectively, and their successors for 6 years, so that the term of 1 member of the Commission shall expire biennially. Upon the expiration of the terms of the members of the Commission, their successors shall be named in the same manner as the original appointments were made, except that each appointment shall be for a term of 6 years. Any vacancy occurring at any time in the personnel of the Commission shall be filled for the unexpired term by the agency making the original appointment. All members shall serve without compensation, but they shall be allowed any reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their duties under this chapter. The Governor shall designate the Chairman of the Commission. In the event that either or both Boards of County Commissioners shall fail or neglect to appoint a member of the Upper Potomac River Commission as hereinbefore provided, then the Governor shall make such appointment or appointments for the full term or terms of such member or members. The Commission shall appoint, discharge at pleasure and fix the compensation of such engineering, legal, clerical and other force and help as, from time to time, in its judgment may be deemed necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. The Commission, for the convenience of the citizens of the District, may establish an office at a convenient place in the District. The Commission shall annually publish in at least 1 newspaper in Allegany County a full and true account of its receipts, expenses and expenditures. Prior to publication, the books and accounts of the Commission shall be audited by a certified public accountant, and the Commission may contract with a certified public accountant for that purpose. The Commission shall always keep available and open to public inspection during business hours, at its principal office, a detailed audit and financial statement of its accounts and shall furnish, upon request, copies of its actual statement of receipts, expenses and expenditures at a nominal charge to cover the actual cost of preparing such a statement.
   (C)   Removal from office. Any member of the Commission appointed by the respective County Commissioners may be removed from office for misfeasance or nonfeasance by a vote of the County Commissioners of either county, concurred in and approved by the Commissioners of the other county, and any member appointed by the Governor may be removed by the Governor for like cause; provided, however, that reasonable notice of charges and opportunity for hearing shall first be given any member of the Commission sought to be removed.
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