Immediately after April 29, 1935, and the organization of the Commission, it shall enter into negotiations with the state or federal agencies as may be empowered to grant and/or furnish free funds to the Commission to carry out the purposes of this chapter, and it is empowered to make any and all contracts and agreements requisite for the purpose of obtaining, by free grant or gift, all or any part of the amount of money necessary to purchase the land, structures or buildings or streambeds, waterways, roadways, rights-of-way, water rights or watersheds necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter and for the construction of all dams, reservoirs, structures, appurtenances and machinery necessary for the control of the flow of water, as aforesaid, and for surveys and preliminary operations incidental to the construction of dams, reservoirs, and the like, contemplated hereunder, and also to accept the same outright in the form of a free grant or gift. In the event the Commission shall be successful in negotiations and shall make contracts or agreements for the obtaining free aid, then and in that event it shall begin the operations required under such contracts or agreements and in the manner set forth in the contracts or agreements, it being the intention of this chapter that the Commission shall not bind itself nor the County Commissioners for Allegany or Garrett County to the expenditure of any moneys for the capital outlay necessary for the land, structures, dams, reservoirs, and the like, or the preliminaries necessary for the acquisition or construction, except as is hereinafter provided for.
(1986 Code, § 114-5)  (1957 Code,  § 522; 1935, Ch. 409, § 5)