§ 150.01  PLUMBING CODE.
   (A)   Adoption of Maryland State Plumbing Code.
      (1)   Adoption. The Garrett County Commissioners adopt the Maryland State Plumbing Code, as amended, 2003, and any subsequent revisions amended by the Maryland State Board of Plumbing.
      (2)   Interpretation. Any questions of interpretation of the Plumbing Code will be forwarded to the State Board of Commissioners of Practical Plumbing by the party desiring the interpretation.
   (B)   Permit and inspection procedure.
      (1)   Licensed master plumber. With the exception of the item mentioned in division (D)(1) below, all plumbing work performed in Garrett County is to be done by a licensed master, journey or apprentice plumber, under the direction and control of a master plumber licensed to practice in the state or under the direction and control of a master plumber licensed to practice in Garrett or Allegany County.
      (2)   Permit. With the exception of those items listed in division (D)(2), all plumbing work is subject to the following permit procedure.
         (a)   New construction. New construction shall be permitted; the plumbing permit shall be obtained through the local permit system.
         (b)   Repairs. Plumbing work associated with repairs shall be permitted by a repair permit obtained through the county permitting agency.
         (c)   Emergency repairs. Emergency plumbing repairs done outside normal working hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or on Saturdays, Sundays or county-observed holidays may be accomplished so long as a permit is obtained on the next regular county business day.
         (d)   Permit approval. Plumbing work, except for emergency repairs, may not begin until the permit application is signed by the permitting agency.
      (3)   Inspection. Plumbing work associated with a permit obtained under division (B) of this section will be subject to the following inspection procedure.
         (a)   New construction. Plumbing work associated with new construction shall be inspected prior to making connection with any public water or sewer facility or with any private water or sewer system, including wells and septic tanks.
         (b)   Repairs. Except for emergency repairs and those items excepted in division (D) of this section, no plumbing repair work is to be made operational until approved by the Plumbing Inspector.
      (4)   Exceptions.
         (a)   Exception to division (A).  Plumbing work personally done by an individual on that person’s personal residence up to the final connection between the individual’s residence and a public or private water or sewer system. The individual shall sign a release agreement stating that Garrett County is in no way responsible or liable for any damages to himself or herself, his or her family or the public as a result of the work.
         (b)   Exceptions to permit and inspection procedures.
            1.   Plumbing work done on federal, county or municipality owned or operated property;
            2.   Plumbing work done by an employee of a gas company regulated by the Public Service Commission while making a gas connection to a gas appliance for domestic purposes;
            3.   Minor plumbing work, including the following items:
               a.   Replacement of fixtures and appliances at the same location;
               b.   Repairs of leaks and stoppages, except for replacement of drain traps.
   (C)   Enforcement; violations and penalties.
      (1)   Violation. Any violation of this section or the Maryland State Plumbing Code or any amendment thereto by a master plumber, journey plumber or apprentice plumber licensed by the state shall be referred by the Plumbing Inspector and/or the permitting agency to the Maryland State Board of Commissioners of Practical Plumbing for prosecution. Any violation of this chapter or the Maryland State Plumbing Code by someone other than a licensed plumber shall be referred to the State’s Attorney for Garrett County by the complainant for prosecution as a misdemeanor.
      (2)   Penalty. The penalty for a licensed master, journey or apprentice plumber found to be violating this section or the Maryland Plumbing Code shall be according to the State Code for Master Plumbers. For all other violations, the penalty, upon conviction, shall be a fine of not less than $10 nor more than $100. Each day the violation continues may be deemed a separate offense.
   (D)   Fees. The Garrett County Commissioners may, by resolution, set fees for permits and inspections required under this section. The fee schedule may be modified by resolution as necessary by the County Commissioners.