5-3-1: Short Title
5-3-2: Definitions
5-3-3: Rules And Regulations
5-3-4: Procedures For Complaints
5-3-5: Procedure For City Manager And Animal Protection Officers
5-3-6: Waiver
5-3-7: Fees, Permits And Licenses
5-3-8: City Animal Protection Facilities
5-3-9: Impounding Animals
5-3-10: Seizure And Disposition Of Animals
5-3-11: Retention Of Strays Or Owner Surrendered Animals
5-3-12: General Provisions
5-3-13: Shelter-Refuge-Professional Animal Permit And Hobby Breeder Permit
5-3-14: Pet Store
5-3-15: Guard Dog Site
5-3-16: Litter Permit
5-3-17: Reduced Cost Spay And Neuter Program
5-3-18: Discount Spay Or Neuter Certificates
5-3-19: Adoption Of Dogs And Cats
5-3-20: Animals Biting Persons
5-3-21: Animal License
5-3-22: Number Of Animals Allowed
5-3-23: Multiple Animal Site Permit
5-3-24: Restraint Of Dogs
5-3-25: Vaccinations
5-3-26: Abandonment
5-3-27: Admission Of Qualified Assistance Animals To Public Places
5-3-28: Animals Disturbing The Peace
5-3-29: Animals Killing Or Injuring Livestock Or Protected Wildlife
5-3-30: Dogs Or Livestock On Unenclosed Properties
5-3-31: Animal Poisoning
5-3-32: Dogs Or Livestock Running At Large
5-3-33: Injury To Animals By Motorists
5-3-34: Animals Transported In Vehicles
5-3-35: Animal Waste
5-3-36: Breaking Into Animal Protection Facilities Or Vehicles
5-3-37: Care And Maintenance
5-3-38: Confinement Of Female Dogs Or Cats In Mating Season
5-3-39: Concealment Of Animal
5-3-40: Fights
5-3-41: Fowl; Impounding Or Crating
5-3-42: Interference With The Animal Protection Officer In The Performance Of His Duties
5-3-43: Keeping A Seriously Sick Or Injured Animal
5-3-44: Keeping Domesticated Livestock And Fowl
5-3-45: Sale And Display Of Animals
5-3-46: Sterilization Agreements/Contracts
5-3-47: Unlawful Use Of Rabies Tag
5-3-48: Improper Disposal Of Animals
5-3-49: Vicious Animals
5-3-50: Dangerous Animals
5-3-51: Wild Animals; Canine Hybrids; Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs
5-3-51-1: Wild Animals
5-3-51-2: Canine Hybrids
5-3-51-3: Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs Or Potbellied Pigs
5-3-52: Penalties
5-3-52-1: Penalty
5-3-52-2: Suspensions, Revocations Of Permits
5-3-52-3: Appeal Procedures For Permit Denial, Suspension Or Revocation Or Determination That An Animal Is Dangerous Or Vicious
5-3-52-4: Severability Clause