(a)   Any pawnbroker or secondhand dealer who engages in the activities set forth in Section 754.01 shall keep a legible register or record of all property purchased or taken under that section, along with:
      (1)   A description of each article, including, but not limited to, identification number, serial number, model number, brand name or other identification marks on such article; and a description by weight and design of precious and semi-precious metals or stones. Jewelry shall be photographed and the photographs maintained by the purchaser for a period of one year and/or the photo uploaded to the database.
      (2)   The customer's name and date of birth and documentation from one or more of the following:
         A.   A valid state identification card;
         B.   A valid state driver's license;
      C.   A military identification card;
         D.   A valid passport;
         E.   An alien registration card;
         F.   An official identification document lawfully issued by a State or Federal government.
      (3)   The current street address, City, State and zip code of the customer's residence.
   (b)   All transactions shall be kept in a numerical register in the order in which they occur, which register shall clearly document the pawnbroker, secondhand dealer or agent conducting the transaction, the purchase price or other monetary amount of the transaction, the date, time and place of the transaction, and an accurate and detailed account and description of each item of tangible personal property involved, including, but not limited to, any and all trademarks, identification numbers, serial numbers, model numbers, owner-applied numbers, brand names or other identifying marks on such property.
(Ord. 2016-31. Passed 6-21-16.)