(a)   “Pawnbroker" means any person or entity who, within the City, loans money on deposit or pledge of personal property or any valuable thing, or who deals in the purchasing of personal property or valuable things on condition of selling the same back at a stipulated price, whether he or she does the same for him or herself or as an agent of some person or firm or corporation, who by any means, method or device loans money for personal property when the same is deposited for security or is deposited for any other purpose.
   (b)   "Secondhand dealer" means any person or entity, who, within the City, as a business, engages in the purchase, sale, trade, barter, recycling or exchange of secondhand goods, wares or merchandise; or any person who keeps any store, shop, room or place where secondhand goods, wares or merchandise of any kind or description, are bought, sold, traded, bartered, recycled or exchanged is defined as a secondhand dealer within the meaning of this chapter; provided however, that this chapter shall not apply to bona fide trade or turn-ins of secondhand goods, wares or merchandise or other goods where no cash is transferred or paid by the merchant, or to auction houses or to the transaction of any property that is titled and of record with a State or the Federal government.
   (c)   "Customer" means any person or entity who, within the City, deposits, pledges,
sells, trades, barters or exchanges personal property, secondhand good, wares, merchandise or other valuable things to an operator as set forth in this chapter.
(Ord. 2016-31. Passed 6-21-16.)