Pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers are excluded from uploading items into the selected database per Section 754.03 if the item meets one or more of the following criteria:
   (a)   The item purchased by the dealer is under twenty-five dollars ($25.00) in value except if the items are purchased in a quantity of twenty-five (25) items or more, such as twenty-five (25) or more DVDs, CDs etc.
   (b)   The seller is a known customer of the dealer and had contracted with the business prior to the property being presented for sale such as estate sale purchase. This exception does not include over-the-counter contracted purchases.
   (c)   The property was obtained through a bidding process through a reputable, licensed auction house.
   (d)   The property is brokered with the business.
   (e)   The acquisition for resale of any goods by a nonprofit corporation or nonprofit association recognized as such by the Internal Revenue Service or by a bona fide fraternal or bona fide religious organization or association.
      (Ord. 2016-31. Passed 6-21-16.)