Mobile Food Vending
712.01   Definitions.
712.02   License required for operation.
712.03   Application for license.
712.04   Application fee.
712.05   Inspection for license, generally.
712.06   Inspection process.
712.07   Re-Inspection and license fees.
712.08   Requirements for issuing a license.
712.09   Expiration and renewal of license.
712.10   Transfer of license prohibited.
712.11   Insurance required for operation.
712.12   Mobile food vending unit size, description, requirements, and prohibited equipment.
712.13   General operational requirements.
712.131   Operation in the public right of way.
712.132   Operation in a non-commercial zone.
712.133   Special events and public events operation, licensed mobile food vending units.
712.134   Operation on private property.
712.14   Record of mobile food vending unit rental.
712.15   Suspension, revocation or permanent revocation of license.
712.16   Appeals.
712.17   Severability clause.
712.99   Penalty.
      Adulterated food - see GEN. OFF. 537.13
      Food and food handlers - see BUS. REG. Ch. 711