In the GC General Commercial District, no buildings, structures, lots, or parcels of land shall be used for any purpose except for the following:
   (a)   Quasi-public or public facilities, such as electric, cable, gas, and phone service and maintenance offices with no heavy equipment stored on site, unless indoors.
   (b)   Hotels and motels.
   (c)   Filling or gasoline stations.
   (d)   Car washes.
   (e)   Theaters and auditoriums, not including adult theaters.
   (f)   Automotive, trailer, mobile home, and farm implement sales.
   (g)   Retail stores including:
      (1)   Household appliances sales and service.
      (2)   Furniture stores.
      (3)   Clothing stores.
      (4)   Shoe stores.
      (5)   Variety stores.
      (6)   Discount stores.
      (7)   Hardware stores.
      (8)   Paint and wallpaper stores.
      (9)   Accessory shops.
      (10)   Pawn shops.
      (11)   Computer sales and service.
      (12)   Office equipment sales and service.
      (13)   Printing shops with and without a counter for the general public.
   (h)   Specialty stores and service, including:
      (1)   Antique shops.
      (2)   Gift shops.
      (3)   Stationery stores.
      (4)   Magazine and book stores, not including adult bookstores.
      (5)   Video rental and sales, not including adult video stores.
      (6)   Hair cutting, tanning, or nail salons.
      (7)   Tailors and shoe repair shops.
      (8)   Dry cleaning services.
      (9)   Convenience stores with or without motor fuel for sale.
      (10)   Automotive repair services.
      (11)   Shopping centers and shopping malls.
      (12)   Building material retail sales.
   (i)   Food, beverage, and drug places, including:
      (1)   Pharmacies.
      (2)   Grocery stores.
      (3)   Specialty food stores.
      (4)   Bakeries in conjunction with retail sales.
      (5)   Restaurants with and without drive-in and drive-through services.
      (6)   Tea rooms.
      (7)   Bars or taverns, not including adult cabarets.
   (j)   Office uses, including:
      (1)   Engineering and architectural services.
      (2)   Banks and financial services with or without drive-through facilities.
      (3)   Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and orthodontic offices.
      (4)   Insurance agents, brokers, and related services.
      (5)   Accounting, auditing, and other bookkeeping services.
      (6)   Other professional offices similar to those listed above.
      (7)   Veterinary offices and animal hospitals.
      (8)   Non-profit offices and service centers.
      (9)   Real estate and associated services.
   (k)   Utility substations, pump houses, and other public facilities.
   (l)   Boat building and repairing, subject to site location.
   (m)   River terminals, subject to site location.
   (n)   Boat sales, service, and storage.
   (o)   Wholesale produce markets.
   (p)   Indoor and outdoor recreational facilities.
   (q)   Public or private parks.
   (r)   Amusement arcades (See Section 1181.14).
   (s)   Training centers and vocational schools.
   (t)   Parking lots as primary use of lot.
   (u)   Accessory structures ordinarily incidental to the permitted uses, including drive-ins and drive-throughs.
(Ord. 2001-35.  Passed 7-17-01.)