In addition to complying with all regulations within the district where they are located, all amusement arcades shall comply with the following criteria:
   (a)   An adult who is eighteen (18) years of age or over shall supervise the amusement arcade at all times during its hours of operation.
   (b)   It shall be the obligation of the exhibitor of an amusement arcade to maintain peace and quiet and order in and about the premises.  Failure to do so shall constitute a nuisance.
   (c)   Coin operated amusement machines shall be placed at least two feet (2') apart, and have four feet (4') of free space in front of the machine, separate and apart from the walking aisles.
   (d)   The applicant shall provide evidence that the structure meets the minimum requirements of the appropriate electrical and fire codes.
   (e)   If the place of business or premises for which an amusement arcade is proposed is a free standing building, an exterior lighting plan must be approved by the Planning Commission.
   (f)   In establishments that serve alcoholic beverages, any area containing amusement devices shall be visually separated from that portion or portions of the establishment wherein alcoholic beverages are served or sold for carrying out of the premises.
   (g)   No amusement arcade may be established, operated, or maintained in any place of business or on any premises that is within five hundred feet (500') of any adult business, or within one thousand feet (1,000') of a school.
   (h)   The applicant shall be required to file a copy of a license to operate and exhibit amusement devices and a notarized statement that the applicant shall not permit any  school-aged person fourteen (14) years of age or younger to operate any devices on the premises before 4:00 p.m. on days when school is in session.
      (Ord. 2001-35.  Passed 7-17-01.)