Prior to the issuance of any garage or other residential sale permit, the individuals conducting such sale shall file a written statement with the Code Enforcement Officer at least five days in advance of the proposed sale setting forth the following information:
   (a)   The full name and address of the applicant;
   (b)   The location at which the proposed garage or other residential sale is to be held;
   (c)   The date or dates upon which the sale shall be held;
   (d)   The date or dates of any other garage or other residential sales in which the applicant participated within the twelve-month period prior to the proposed date of sale; and
   (e)   An affirmative statement that the property to be sold was owned on the date of application by the applicant or by members of his or her residence and was neither acquired nor consigned for the purposes of resale.
      (Ord. 88-42.  Passed 9-6-88.)