General Provisions
   150.001   Title and policy
   150.002   Usage
   150.003   Definitions
   150.004   Purpose, authority and jurisdiction
   150.005   Enactment
   150.006   Interpretation; conflict
   150.007   Saving provision; repealer; amendments; conditions
   150.008   Resubdivision of land
   150.009   Vacation of plats; variances; enforcement; violation
Application and Approval Procedures
   150.020   General procedures
   150.021   Sketch plan application procedure; primary approval
   150.022   Major subdivisions
   150.023   Minor subdivisions
   150.024   Exempt divisions
Requirements for Improvements, Reservations and Design
   150.035   General improvements
   150.036   Lot improvements
   150.037   Streets
   150.038   Drainage and storm sewers
   150.039   Water facilities
   150.040   Sewer facilities
   150.041   Sidewalks
   150.042   Utilities
   150.043   Public uses
   150.044   Preservation of natural features and amenities
   150.045   Nonresidential subdivisions
Assurance for Completion of Improvements
   150.060   Improvements and performance bond
   150.061   Inspection of public improvements
   150.062   Maintenance of public improvements
   150.063   Issuance of building permits
Specifications for Documents to be Submitted
   150.075   Sketch plan
   150.076   Preliminary plat
   150.077   Construction plans
   150.078   Final subdivision plat
   150.079   Exempt I divisions
   150.999   Penalty
   Appendix A: Required forms and certificates
   Appendix B: Design standards for streets
   Appendix C: Lot and frontage examples
   Appendix D: Yard areas and street improvements
   Appendix E: Cross sections for streets
   Appendix F: Flood plain delineation
   Appendix G: Specifications for documents to be submitted