(A)   The County Judge/Executive shall account for all claims against the county.
   (B)   Anyone with a claim for payment from county funds shall file it in writing in the office of the County Judge/Executive.
   (C)   Each claim shall be recorded by date of receipt and presented to the Fiscal Court at its next regular meeting.
   (D)   Each claim shall designate the budget fund and classification from which the claim will be paid and each warrant shall specify the budget fund and classification.
   (E)   All claims shall be presented to the Fiscal Court for review prior to payment and the Court, for good cause shown, may order that a claim not be paid.
   (F)   The Fiscal Court may adopt a standing order to pre-approve the payment of payroll for county officials and employees, utility bills and recurring expenses, such as interest and principal on bonded debt, to be submitted to the state’s Local Finance Officer by July 1 of each fiscal year with the county budget.
   (G)   Pre-approved expenses will be provided to the Fiscal Court for information.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 2.5)