(a)   Construction and Connection Performed by Village.
      (1)   Any property owner(s) desiring the Village of Franklin to perform construction of the street-to-structure segment shall first provide an appropriate easement in favor of the Village of Franklin. Said instrument shall be in writing, in a form satisfactory to the Village of Franklin, and shall provide for a temporary construction easement from the street to the structure of a width of not less than 20 feet and a permanent maintenance easement not less than ten feet in width.
      (2)   The Village must receive a nonrefundable payment of four hundred  dollars ($400.00) for the on-site design. Once the design is completed and approved by the property owner and the Village Engineer, the owner must sign a construction and O&M easement to allow the designed work to be constructed.
      (3)   The homeowner must obtain electrical and plumbing permits at forty- five dollars ($45.00) each and hire a contractor to do the necessary plumbing and electrical work to connect the grinder pump to the house.
      (4)   Once the property is connected to the system, the homeowner will receive a bill for all actual on-site construction charges for connecting his or her property to the sewer as well as the charges referred to in Section 1042.15(b)(2). The homeowner may pay these costs in one payment or over a multi-year period not to exceed 17 years, with interest at a rate to be determined by the Village Council.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, any homeowner who connects to the sewer after December 31, 1999, shall be required to fully pay such costs prior to connecting.
      (5)   Notwithstanding the provisions of division (a)(4) of this section, the owners of newly-constructed homes, the construction of which was commenced on or after June 8, 1998, that are designated as being on sewer construction contract "F" or a subsequent contract shall, prior to connecting their property to the sewer, be required to pay in full all on- site charges for connecting to the sewer, as well as the charges referred to in Section 1042.15(b)(2), and related installation and engineering charges.  The owners of all new construction that, prior to June 8, 1998, was already completed or in progress and that is designated as being on contract "F" shall be required to pay in full all such charges within 30 days of being invoiced by the Village.
   (b)   Construction and Connections Performed by Property Owner.
      (1)   The property owner shall hire a Village-approved contractor. A list of such contractors will be available in the Village offices. The contractor shall obtain a permit for one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00). Included in the fee are costs of Village administration (fifty dollars ($50.00)) and Oakland County inspection (one hundred dollars ($100.00)).
      (2)   Before a permit will be issued, the property owner shall provide a detailed sketch of the location of the grinder pump and lines leading to the service connection. The homeowner shall sign an O&M easement and agree to construct the on-site portion according to Village specifications.
      (3)   The property owner must provide:
         A.   A five hundred dollar ($500.00) cash deposit for any emergencies that may arise while connecting to the system. This is refundable if not used.
         B.   A five thousand dollar ($5,000) surety bond, to ensure that the connection and on-site construction are made in accordance with then current rules and regulations and that any damage to the Village-owned sewer is promptly and properly repaired.
      (4)   Such fees and deposits shall be collected by the Village or its designated representatives prior to the start of construction.  Such fees and deposits shall be fixed and revised from time to time, as necessary, by the Village Council so as to insure that all users pay their proportionate share of the costs of the systems.
      (5)   The property owner shall pay the charges set forth in Section 1042.15(b)(2). Financing methods as set forth in Section 1042.15(c) may apply.
(Ord. 98-183.  Passed 10-19-98.)