(a)   The financial plan for the pressure sewer system is as follows: it will be paid for and maintained by the users of that system, and the Village of Franklin shall periodically establish suitable and appropriate rates, charges and fees sufficient to accomplish payment for all capital costs, operation, maintenance and replacements.
   (b)   The following capital and connection charges are hereby established:
      (1)   For initial grant properties, a one-time capital charge as follows: 
         System participation charge   $  5,565.00
         Additional street pipe   2,000.00
         Total:   $  7,565.00
      (2)   For subsequently connected properties, a one-time capital charge as follows:
         Service connection charge (approx.)   $  1,000.00
         Additional street pipe    2,000.00
         Total (approximate):   $  3,000.00
   (c)   Initial grant properties will be billed by the Village of Franklin for the above capital charges. The property owner(s) may elect to pay the total amount within 30 days of billing or, in the alternative, to pay such charges over a ten-year period, together with interest on unpaid balances at a rate to be established by the Village Council. In the event no payment is made within the 30-day period following billing, then the entire sum billed shall be placed as a lien on the subject property as if it were an unpaid and delinquent tax.
   (d)   Initial grant properties which have been or may be removed from the grant funded contract shall be charged the local share of design costs and the cost of street pipe, grinder pump and service connections covered by the grant, as well as additional street pipe costs. Such properties shall obtain their own permits and approvals as provided in this chapter for property owners installing their own street-to-house segment. Financing methods as set forth in division (c) of this section may apply.
   (e)   Each property owner connecting to the public sewer system shall be responsible for construction and installation of any building sewer as well as all electrical and plumbing connections for such segment, including connections to the grinder pump. No such work shall proceed until a permit therefor has been obtained from the Village of Franklin and until applicable permit fees have been paid and other requirements have been met.
   (f)   Owners of properties to be connected to the public sewer system shall have the option of either constructing the street-to-house portion themselves (including the grinder pump) or having such construction completed by the Village of Franklin through its designated engineers and contractors. All construction and connections shall comply with this chapter, and specifically Section 1042.16.
(Ord. 179.  Passed 8-17-92; Ord. 182.  Passed 2-8-93; Ord. 2001-08.  Passed 12-10-01.)