Land permits are required when a or as defined by this Code is proposed unless exempted under specific provision. However, exempt activities and may be subject to other applicable provisions of the Code. When a land permit is required, then:
   A.   No shall initiate a until a land permit has been approved.
   B.   The shall not issue any other permit for the until the land permit has been approved. Concurrent review of and other related to the land permit are allowed under the following conditions:
      1.   Final approval of and other permits are not allowed without land permit approval; and
      2.   The acknowledges the risk that a land permit may be denied, the land permit could change, and/or the outcome of the land permit could alter other permit requirements.
   C.   A land permit shall not be approved for the division, improvement or of land that has been divided or otherwise developed in violation of this Code unless the violation is corrected prior to or concurrent with issuance of a land permit.
   D.   No action may be taken in reliance upon a decision approving a land permit until all applicable periods have expired or while an to a is pending.
   E.   A land or that would allow for the construction of a shall not be issued unless all applicable and needed services including vehicular , power, sewerage, domestic and fire water supply and stormwater drainage are available to the where the is to be built. This provision does not apply to permits for a that do not require such services (such as a storage shed).
   F.   All land permits, with the of a or a planned , shall expire one year from the date of issuance unless:
      1.   Substantial construction or operation of the has begun within that time and has continued toward final completion;
      2.    is proceeding in accordance with an approved phasing plan; or
      3.   A written extension is granted by the under the Type I review process.
   G.   A is subject to the following time limits:
      1.   The tentative for a expires two years after the date of approval unless:
         a.    for the final has been filed with the ;
         b.   A time extension is approved pursuant to § 17.1.135;
         c.   The tentative has been approved with a phasing plan consistent with the provisions of § 17.6.005D.; or
         d.   The tentative , or an independent phase thereof, has been filed and processed concurrently with a Planned pursuant to §§ 17.4.200 et seq. in which case the tentative approval period is valid for four years, pursuant to § 17.4.220D. A phased PD shall not exceed four years between tentative approval of the first and final phases.
      2.   The final for a shall be recorded within one year after the has been submitted to the .
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2013-3, passed 5-22-2013; Ord. 2017-12, passed 11-27-2017)