The , at the ’s request, may extend a land permit under the Type I review process. Requests for extension must be filed with the prior to the expiration date of the original approval or subsequent extension.
   No single extension of time shall exceed a one-year period. Extensions shall not be approved where the effect of the extension would violate any provisions of this Code or any made following the effective expiration date. In addition, the may require a new for a permit if conditions on the or adjacent property have changed substantially since the original permit approval. Except for a land division, in no instance shall the extension(s) exceed a total of two years from the effective date of project approval. For a land division, the time extension for a tentative map shall not exceed four years from the effective date of project approval.
   Final maps are not eligible for time extensions. Extensions shall not modify the original decision. A land permit shall expire at the end of the time extension period unless the provisions of § 17.1.130F.1. or 2. are met or § 17.1.130G.1. for .
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009)