General Provisions
   73.001   Parking method and restrictions
   73.002   Prohibited stopping, standing, or parking
   73.003   Prohibited parking
   73.004   Exemptions of parking, stopping, or standing regulations
   73.005   Use of loading zone
   73.006   Restricted use of bus and taxicab stand
   73.007   Lights on parked vehicle
   73.008   Unattended vehicle
   73.009   Recreational vehicle stay
Parking Citations and Owner Responsibility
   73.020   Citation on illegally parked vehicle
   73.021   Failure to comply with parking citation attached to parked vehicle
   73.022   Owner responsibility
   73.023   Registered owner presumption
Residential Parking Permit
   73.035   Purpose
   73.036   Temporary designations of on-street parking permit areas and residential parking permit system
   73.037   Issuance and use of parking permit
   73.038   Application
   73.039   Temporary permit
   73.040   Guest parking permit
Immobilizing and Impounding Vehicles
   73.055   Immobilization and impoundment of vehicles
   73.056   Tampering with or damaging an immobilization device
Towing Operators
   73.070   Definition
   73.071   Chief of Police authorized to adopt regulations
   73.072   Licenses required
   73.073   Inspection of vehicles
   73.074   On-call rotation
   73.999   Penalty